Brits on holiday prefer to sleep naked

A recent poll has found that Britons on holiday prefer sleeping in the nude

The survey, conducted by, involved 1007 adults from 19 countries around Europe.

It was discovered that up to 25 per cent of Brits prefer to sleep naked while on their vacations, while Sweden came second with 22 per cent. Denmark followed with 21 per cent, France 20 per cent and Finland 18 per cent.

Italians were the most covered up when asleep with just 9 per cent preferring to be in the nude, while 68 per cent of Germans slept in pyjamas and 49 per cent of Norwegians enjoyed sleeping in their underpants. communications director Alison Couper said: ‘Most European tourists have a national stereotype on holiday. It’s fair to say that Brits abroad tend to get criticised for either burning in the sun or not being as liberal as our European counterparts. So, it’s exciting to learn from our research about the habits of we Brits abroad.’

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