Brighten Up Your Garden With a SunCatcher

What’s the best way to bring some light and colour to your garden? We asked the people behind a nifty invention that makes the best of any weather conditions

What’s the principle behind SunCatcher products?

The sun collectors of all SunCatcher decorative garden stakes filter blue, violet and ultraviolet light rays (invisible to the human eye) from natural daylight and convert them into visible light. This process is called ‘fluorescence’.

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Within the entire sun collector, light is generated and emitted in all directions. Only a small part can leave on a direct path through the surface. The majority hits the surface from the inside and is mirrored back in, in a similar principle to fibre-optic cable. Finally, the light rays hit the edges of the sun collector where they can exit almost unhindered. We see them leaving in vibrant colours.

How does SunCatcher benefit the garden?

SunCatchers decorative garden stakes are small works of art. They bring back colourful light when you miss it the most. Many therapies designed to counter the ‘winter blues’ with light-producing devices work in a similar way.

On cloudy days, or murky and dark days during autumn and winter when the cold and dark weather puts pressure on your mood, the magical SunCatcher glow is very strong and makes you smile. Without the need for a battery or electricity, SunCatcher immediately starts glowing and forms a warm and beautiful highlight wherever you place them. Just seeing them will brighten your mood. You can live without a SunCatcher, but isn’t it much nicer with them?


How does the weather affect SunCatcher performance?

SunCatcher decorative garden stakes show different effects in different weather.

On a sunny day, the sun shines on the coloured acrylic light collector and leaves colour reflections wandering over your lawn or wall following the path of the sun. On a windy or stormy day their flexible glass fibre rod allow them to swing in the wind, just like flowers do.

On a murky and rainy day, when there is less light around visible to the human eye, SunCatcher show their vibrant colours even more strongly. During winter, SunCatcher can be left outside. And should you find them covered in snow, SunCatcher will still show their vibrant glow.

How and where are the products made?

SunCatcher decorative garden stakes are made in Kirkintilloch, Scotland. They are designed, manufactured, packed in and shipped from Scotland only. We laser-cut their shapes from special fluorescent acrylic sheets, print their packaging in house and add all finishing touches in our little workshop.

Should you have your own ideas for your special occasion SunCatcher, please get in touch. We have all materials needed in stock, the creativity and expertise to bring your SunCatcher project alive.

How long do they last?

SunCatcher decorative garden stakes are made from premium material only. We are happy to pass on a 10-year guarantee (not against breakage) on all light collectors, which we receive from the manufacturer of the raw material. All other components are weather-, water- and frost proof as well as rust-free. SunCatchers are made for long-term outdoor use and will not disappoint.

What designs, colours and sizes are available?

SunCatcher decorative garden stakes come in various designs. From frogs greeting you from your pond, to butterflies hovering over your flowers, to blossoms colouring your borders and beds, there are SunCatcher garden stakes for all tastes.

Special orange glowing SunCatcher garden stakes and garden garlands for Halloween are available, as well as red hearts in small, medium or large for several occasion like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even Weddings.

All SunCatcher garden stakes can be personalised. As part of your wedding decoration, we are happy to engrave your names on our red SunCatcher hearts.

SunCatchers come in five different colours: Orange, green, blue, yellow and red. You will find sets on single colours only as well as mixed colours sets of 3 and 5.

SunCatchers are available in three different sizes: Small, medium and large.
Small SunCatcher garden stakes are approx.. 25cm / 9.8’’ high and their light collector are (depending on their design) 6cm / 2.4’’ in diameter. Small SunCatcher garden stakes are ideal for pots, balconies and table decoration.

Medium SunCatcher garden stakes are approx.. 50cm / 19.7’’ high and their light collector are (depending on their design) 10cm / 3.9’’ in diameter. Medium SunCatcher garden stakes are ideal for pots, planter and borders.

Large SunCatcher garden stakes are approx.. 75cm / 29.5’’ high and their light collector are (depending on their design) 15cm / 5.9’’ in diameter. Large SunCatcher garden stakes are ideal for beds, borders and lawn.


What’s a good way to start a SunCatcher collection?

The best way to start your SunCatcher decorative garden stake collection is to pick your favourite design and purchase a small, medium and large set in your favourite colour. When they arrive, you can start to decorate the first corner of your garden. SunCatchers look better in little bunches and they become even more interesting when you combine the different sizes in one place. They will look like growing flowers but will ‘blossom’ all year long.

Are SunCatchers recycleable?

SunCatcher decorative garden stakes are fully recyclable! But we did not stop there: SunCatcher garden stakes are packed in paper and cardboard only. We try to avoid using plastic wherever possible and help to keep the planet green. So almost the complete packaging for our products is made from cardboard and paper. If you have a suggestion how we can swap even more parts from plastic to paper, please get in touch. We will consider every idea and go the extra mile to avoid single-use plastic wherever we can.

Where can I buy SunCatchers?

Buying SunCatchers is very easy. Please just visit our website www.SunCatcher.Scot. In our online shop you will find our complete range of small medium and large Suncatcher garden stakes, garlands and mobiles. We will usually ship your order within one working day by Royal Mail tracked service.

You can also check Amazon, eBay, Etsy and others for our SunCatcher items by typing ‘SunCatcher garden stake’ into their search bars.

We also supply a small and selected number of online and offline Garden Centres. Please ask for SunCatcher garden stakes in your local Garden Centre.

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