They Wrote the Book on Kids’ Bedrooms

To celebrate World Book Day on March 3rd, Home Essentials has chosen five memorable children’s books, and with the help of 3D rendering, allowed these extraordinary worlds to come to life in children’s bedrooms. But can you figure out which children’s classic inspired each bedroom design?


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Whatever age you are, it is undeniable that we’ve all dreamt of exploring Willy Wonka’s factory. The sweet possibilities which Roald Dahl teased us with in his 1964 classic are guaranteed to live in our imaginations forever.

The bedroom recreation oozes with colourful concoctions and confectionary recreations that promises the kind of sugar high that would never fade. From delectable lickable wallpaper to swirly lollipops sprouting from the floor, it’s a struggle not to lick your lips in envy!


James and the Giant Peach

Children may be notorious for their dislike of fruit and vegetables, but after reading Roald Dahl’s immersive adventure, the prospect of peaches suddenly become a lot more inviting.

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This bedroom recreation allows you to curl up in your very own peach bed, admire the birds above and soak in the sweet pastel palette of this delectable room. Whether you want to admire the handiwork of Miss Spider’s web or hang out on your glow-worm seat – there’s a lot to enjoy in this perfect peach pit.


The Gruffalo

This classic rhyming tale showcases the sheer power of imagination. To protect himself from his predators, the little mouse invents a monster with “terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws”.

Prepare to get lost in the magical forest, surrounded by the calming greens and blues of this woodland escape. Explore every crevice to reunite with all your favourite characters and set up camp in our tree trunk bunk beds, with the friendly Gruffalo watching over you as you sleep.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

From chocolate cake to cherry pie, strawberries to salami – the very hungry caterpillar eats everything in his path on his quest to become a beautiful butterfly.

The room itself is full of colourful accents and accessories and you’ll find a delectable assortment of plush characters adorning every corner of the room, as well as scenes from the book sprawled on the walls.


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Ever checked for a magical portal to an icy wonderland at the back of your wardrobe? Well, with this recreation, you’ll feel like you’ve finally made it to Narnia.

With snow cascading from the gold gilded wardrobe and frosty accents, the magical land of C.S Lewis suddenly doesn’t seem so far away. Munch on some Turkish delight while you wait at the lamppost for trusty Mr. Tumnus to appear, or stay cosy in bed with Aslan for protection from the White Queen.

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