The Smarter Way to Block Pain – a Q&A with BioWaveGO UK

BioWaveGO is a revolutionary new pain relief technology. But what does that mean and how does the device work to treat different types of pain? We caught up with BioWaveGO spokesperson, Ben Fear, to find out.

What is the difference between chronic and acute pain?

“Acute pain is short-term pain that occurs suddenly and can be attributed to a very clear cause, like illness or injury. Acute pain goes away when the cause has been treated. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for longer than six months, which can continue even when an illness or injury has been treated.”

How common is chronic pain?

“Chronic pain, a pain that last for six months and beyond, is surprisingly common; according to the British Medical Journal over 43% of adults in the UK suffer with it. It is often bound up with chronic conditions and diseases like arthritis, cancer, endometriosis, fibromyalgia or lower back pain.”

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What are the causes of different types of pain?

“Acute pain lasts usually between 3-6 months and can be attributed to a clear cause, like a broken bone, surgery, cuts, burns or childbirth. Chronic pain, lasting for six months and beyond, is usually attributed to conditions and diseases that require longer-term management, like endometriosis and cancer. Occasionally chronic pain can appear without an obvious underlying cause, making it much harder to treat.”

What is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

“Around a quarter of the 43% of UK adults suffering from chronic pain will go on to have a condition called Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS). This is when they develop symptoms beyond just pain that start to interfere with their daily lives, such as depression and/or anxiety. CPS is typically treated through counselling, behavioural therapy, physical therapy or a range of the above.”

Which types of pain is BioWaveGo suitable to treat?

“BioWaveGO can be used to treat almost any sort of acute, chronic or post-operative pain. Patients use it for effective pain relief from acute sporting injuries like sprains – or from joint pain, in the shoulder, ankle or knee. It can also effectively treat all sorts of painful, long-term conditions like fibromyalgia, back pain and arthritis.”

How does it work?

“BioWaveGO’s innovative, high-frequency current system delivers therapeutic electrical signals that block pain directly at the nerve. The treatment is 100% drug-free and much more effective than out-dated TENS machines. Just one 30-minute session with BioWaveGO can provide clinically proven pain relief for up to eight hours, and unlike TENS, there is a pain relief carry-over for up to 24 hours.”

Is BioWaveGo safe to use?

”Very safe. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical, effective pain relief treatment that’s 100% drug-free. BioWaveGO is much safer to use than pills and opioids because it has no harmful side effects or risk of addiction. Its revolutionary pain blocking technology is fully patented, FDA cleared, and CE approved.”

How is it used and how long do its effects last?

“BioWaveGO is easy to use. Simply place the BioWaveGO electrodes over the painful area of your body and turn on the device for a 30-minute treatment. Just one session using our smarter technology can provide deep relief for up to 8 hours. The treatment works immediately and there is also a cumulative effect on the nerve signals after prolonged use.”

How effective is BioWaveGo compared to drug treatments?

“BioWaveGO is highly effective when compared to drug treatments. Its pain blocking effects can be felt immediately on starting treatment – there is no time lag – and 84% of patients report a reduction in pain after just one 30-minute session. Clinical studies report that using BioWaveGO actually reduces a patient’s pain med consumption by up to 50%.”

Where do I find out more about BioWaveGo?

“BioWaveGO is now available to purchase in the UK. For more information about the device, its revolutionary technology and the why it’s so effective in blocking acute and chronic pain, visit the BioWaveGO website:, where you can buy the device with a 60-day money back guarantee.”

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