Best exercises to lose weight

Most women have wanted to lose weight at least once in their life, but all too often they can’t figure out which are the best exercises to lose weight

However, research, carried out in Germany, has now revealed the most beneficial exercise to shed those extra pounds.

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Running, riding your bike and swimming – of course any kind of exercise is good for your health and for your shape. But which one burns the most calories and the most amount of fat?

The German Institute for Prevention and Aftercare (IPN) surveyed the six most famous endurance sports on one woman, with the aim of finding out which one would be the most effective for her to lose weight.

Of course, every woman loses weight differently, but nevertheless, these results can be a guide to enable you to find the best method for you:

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1. Running

And the winner is: Running – the most simple and cheapest way to lose weight. The survey revealed that the test subject burns the most calories whilst running, 547 per hour. That is up to twenty per cent more then with any other endurance sports.  The lesson is clear: Who is able to run, should run.

2. Swimming

The second place goes to swimming. Burning 436 calories per hour, this activity is a very good alternative to running. On the plus side, swimming is a way to consistently build up your muscles, but on the negative side, you will have to pay the entrance fee to get into your local swimming pool.

3. Riding your bike

Due to the fact, that you do not need your whole musculature consistently, riding your bike gets the bronze medal. Although, it is still a great way to lose weight as you will be able to burn up to 412 calories per hour and you will also get the opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes.

4. Inline-skating

There is no second endurance sport that trains your balance and condition as much as Inline-skating. Once, you have your feet under control, you will be able to have lots of fun and also be burning up to 408 calories per hour.

5. Walking

Even if it only burns 395 calories per hour, walking is still a very good place to start for people who are not used to an extensive exercise regime.

6. Nordic-Walking

When performed correctly, Nordic Walking will allow you to burn up 440 calories per hour and is the best alternative to running. As you have to use dynamic carbon-sticks as you walk, you are able to give your arms a work-out as well as your legs. Nordic Walking is also very fashionable at the moment, with both celebrities and mortals alike, so is probably the secret winner of this count down.

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