Beauty Tips For Winter

Celebrity Angels has compiled some to-dos and must-haves for the new season

Winter is well and truly underway! With plummeting temperatures, howling winds and unrelenting rain, it can be tricky to stay looking your best. A lot of people find that they suffer with cracked lips, dry skin and running make up. It leaves you wondering: What should I do for my skin this winter? Why is cold weather so bad for beauty? We have the answers for you here with our beauty tips for winter.


Moisture is key to beauty success this season. The cold air and wind loves to steal water from your skin, lips and hair, so you have to combat it with your beauty routine. Invest in a good heavy moisturiser for face and body. Even if you have oily skin, moisturising can make the world of difference during winter. Condition your hair to help ensure your strands survive the wind and cold—a good conditioner will coat the hair in an extra protective layer. Don’t forget your lips! Something as simple as petroleum jelly will provide your lips with a balm it desperately needs to protect them from the elements.

Switch up your cleanser

The cleanser you use in summer may not be up to scratch during winter. This season you don’t want a cleanser that will leave your skin feeling tight and dry. Instead, go for a milky, cream-based facial cleanser to avoid drying the skin and to make sure that you’re not stripping your face of vital oils or clogging your pores.


It may sound strange, but sunscreen is as useful in winter as it is in summer. The sun’s rays are just as harmful during cold weather as they are in hot, so ignore your thermometer and slap on some SPF. Snow can be especially harmful to the skin as it reflects the UV rays back at you. To make sure you’re protected all over, use a lip balm with SPF too.

Say no to scalding baths

As much as you may want to warm yourself up with a hot bath, hot water can actually dry you out. Hot showers soften and wash away the oils on your skin. While it’s great for getting rid of trapped dirt and sweat, losing too much of this oil will make your skin feel dehydrated. The longer and hotter your bath/shower is, the more your skin will suffer. Likewise, your heater isn’t great for your skin as it reduces the moisture in the air, making your skin feel dry and tight. Instead have a lukewarm bath and put on an extra jumper or duvet for warmth.

Stay hydrated

Your body needs water on the inside to stay looking good on the outside even in winter. Just because the weather is no longer summery, it doesn’t mean that you should slack on getting the water you need everyday. Carry a water bottle with you this winter or set reminders on your phone to have a glass of water every now and then. Staying hydrated is the ultimate beauty secret all year round.

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