Do you still live in Brighton?
We used to live in Brighton but are now back in London.

What do you like most about Brighton and London?
Living in Brighton brought back memories of my childhood growing up by the sea. I really loved it. I just didn’t enjoy the travelling [to London] hence the move back. I love London; I love the parks, I cycle to work, I love the people, it’s cosmopolitan. It’s not just an English town it’s very multi-cultural. There’re loads of great restaurants too.

Having grown up in a coastal town in Italy with lots of seafood, which would you say is your favourite?
I love cooking fish and I’ve got a massive chargrill, which is perfect for barbecuing fish. Sea bass, sea bream, lobster and shellfish are all favourites.

What made you decide to launch organic baby food?
The Baby Zilli range was inspired by my kids. My team, which included dieticians and nutritionists, and I spent a couple of years researching and made sure that the eight dishes we launched were 100 per cent organic.

How did you meet your wife, Nikki?
I met my wife through friends. It was love at first sight as they say. Or love at first bite rather!

How was it becoming a Dad again when Rocco and Twiggy were born?
Becoming a father again was a challenge. It’s been a challenge ever since. Since I’ve had Rocco I haven’t had a sleep, so I’ve been awake for the last five years!

You’re in the Guinness Book of Records for flipping a pancake 117 times in one minute. Any ambitions for more records?
I’d like to swim the Thames [in the fastest time] like David Walliams did, but he wasn’t well afterwards so I don’t think he’d recommend it.

Do you remember much about your infamous three-day drinking session with Chris Evans and Paul Gascoigne?
I don’t remember much from it and there’s not really much point trying to remember it either. I do remember it being fun at the time and that’s all that mattered.

Are there any current celebrity chefs that particularly impress you?
There are so many chefs around at the moment all doing different things. I’m addicted to watching cookery programmes and [buying] cookery books; I’ve got every single cookery book at home. My inspiration comes from markets and travelling, not from other people cooking. I’ve worked with Gordon Ramsay without knowing! He came into my cookery school in disguise because he wanted to learn how to make pasta about a year ago for Channel 4.

Do you know of any up-and-coming chefs we should be keeping an eye out for?
There are always chefs being made famous nowadays with shows like MasterChef and other similar programmes. It’s a bit like The X-Factor. Even Simon Cowell’s involved now, he’s making his own cookery show.