A Sound Sleep

Dear Doctor examines a product that promises to solve a range of sleep-related issues

From sciatica to bed sores; there’s a range of ailments and conditions that can seriously affect your sleep, and while there are a host of products available to help, from orthopaedic pillows to adjustable mattresses, it’s hard to find just one product that can offer a solution for a wide range of health issues. That is, unless you talk to a company like ORO Bed.

What’s ORO Bed and why are we talking about it?
Actually, we’re talking about ORO Bed’s main product: the ORO Advanced Sleep System, an adjustable bed that comes with a raft of intriguing features.

There are lots of adjustable beds on the market—why should we pay attention to this one?
Unlike most other adjustable beds, this one automatically adjusts as you change position throughout the night. It’s also handy for a range of ailments—those with back, neck or spine problems, for example, will find it keeps the spine in perfect alignment.

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Sounds good—but we need more details…
One of the biggest unique selling points is a feature called the Pressure Relief Comfort Recess in the mattress, which ensures you maintain a natural posture whilst sleeping, as well as removing the weight and pressure from your shoulders. This aids circulation and relieves stiff necks, tense shoulders and back pain.

Anything else?
The mattress contains more technological cleverness—the top part is a high-density slow recovery foam which is sensitive to weight and temperature. It slowly adjusts and distributes the load of the sleeper evenly, and the bottom layer is made of a medium firm polyurethane foam that provides support.

Won’t my sleep be disturbed if I still have to wake up to adjust the bed?
As we said earlier, it’s all automatic: you’ll sleep soundly because the bed base can sense when you change sleeping position and adjusts the bed automatically throughout the night (you can also program preferred sleeping positions in advance). This is also useful for people who are unable to change position in the bed at night.

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I don’t have back pain, sciatica or anything like that. My partner, however, is a chronic snorer…
Apparently, the bed has a ‘stop snoring’ position—at the touch of a button the bed will automatically move your partner to a position that stops him/her snoring, where he/she’ll stay for a pre-programmed time until he/she stops, and the bed moves back into its original position.

We’re nearly convinced….
How about this: the bed also has a patented smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system built in that will shake and wake you, sound an alarm and tell you the type and location of danger in your home, so you can get to safety in time.

• For more information, visit www.oromed.co.uk

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