A Healthy Pick-me-up For Mums On The Go

Every mum knows the feeling of fighting away the yawns after a restless night followed by a chaotic school run and, when our bodies are tired, we crave nothing more than caffeine and sugar to keep us going.

The on-the-go alternative to sugary drinks

How many times have you made a coffee, got distracted by the manic morning rush, and returned to your drink to find it tepid and unpalatable? You’re not alone.

What’s more, with their schedules so jam-packed these days, mums are finding little time for themselves. With relaxing morning coffees a thing of the past, busy mums are increasingly turning to unhealthy grab-and-go options for a quick caffeine fix despite the fact some energy drinks contain up to 16 teaspoons of sugar. Well, now there is something better.

In response to the typically high sugar content of energy drinks, low-sugar iced coffees—ideal for time-poor mums—can provide the solution. Result! Instead of worrying about your hot coffee going cold, why not switch to a low-sugar, on-the-go alternative?

Mum of two Jo Middleton, who writes about her parenting experiences on her lifestyle blog, said: ‘I’m forever making myself drinks and then getting distracted, but with iced coffee, you never have to worry about it going cold.

‘Plus, it’s easy to pop in your handbag if you find you’re running late for the school run, so long as you don’t forget the put the lid on!’ Jo also highlighted the low-fat content of her favourite iced skinny latte brand meant it was one less thing for her to worry about.

Iced skinny latte: A drink with honest ingredients

Fat-free skinny lattes often contain less sugar than their sugary counterparts, meaning they are a low-sugar substitute for sickly-sweet energy drinks, which can wreak havoc on our health.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee co-founder, and new mum herself, Suze Cregan explained: ‘It’s so important for all those hard-working mums to understand what they are buying and drinking.’

Indeed, health-conscious mums are always on the lookout for new ways to facilitate their hectic lifestyles while keeping fit and well. That’s why low-sugar skinny iced coffees are such a desirable option—especially during the warmer, summer months.

Plus, as Suze highlights, there is an increasing desire among parents to understand what they buy and consume. This desire stems partly from improved public health awareness and the modern-day ideal of leading a healthy lifestyle. But it also derives from a heightened awareness of the ethics and sustainability of consumerism.

The shift back to the consumer

More and more, as consumers, we want to know not only what we are putting into our bodies but also how it got there. The result is a shift back to the consumer—bolstered by a health, environment and fair-trade revolution.

In response, retailers and companies alike are turning their attention towards consumer-focused goods, with an emphasis on carefully sourced ingredients. With low-sugar iced skinny lattes that use ethically sourced Arabica coffee as their staple ingredient, you get the perfect blend of wellbeing and ethical responsibility.

The on-the-go drinks market is growing fast. And for good reason: in the 24/7 internet age, convenience is everything. But it’s vital we don’t sacrifice our health and wellbeing for the sake of a quick fix.

Fostering this mentality combines two, key pillars of 21st-century life—convenience and a healthy lifestyle. And that’s where low-sugar iced skinny lattes come in.

What are you waiting for? Go Get Some!

This article was brought to you by Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.

Jimmy Cregan’s ‘lightbulb’ moment came after becoming hooked on iced coffee during a trip to Australia and returning to the UK to find supermarket shelves lacking in a thirst-quenching equivalent. 

Following a few rounds of taste tests at the back of his sister Suze’s café in Bournemouth, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was born.

The brand’s colourful packaging and cup-holder-friendly carton size have proved a welcome addition to the convenience market in recent years, already stocking in the grab-and-go sections of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose among others.

Blended from British skimmed milk and ethically sourced Arabica coffee, Jimmy’s skinny lattes guarantee a caffeine kick with truly honest ingredients.

A favoured lunchtime pick-me-up Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is also included in the Meal Deal options in Tesco and Boots stores.

On the brand’s iced skinny latte, co-founder Suze Cregan explained: ‘We’ve lowered our sugar content and selected single origin Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans which was a must. We know it’s so important for all those hard-working mums to understand what they are buying and drinking, so we wanted to ensure choosing Jimmy’s was a no-brainer.’

You can find Jimmy’s Iced Coffee in selected Tesco, Boots, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores or online via Ocado.

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