A Greener Way to Start A Fire

FireDragon’s fire lighters use a formulation which makes them safer to use and better for the environment. We get a bit more information about the product

Q: What sizes are available?
A: The Blocks are in packs of 6 & 12 and Bottles of Gel in 200ml and 1 Litre


Q: Where can I buy them?
A: B & Q, Go Outdoors, Wilko and most leading Garden Centres

Q: Are there any chemicals in the product?
A: No, they are 100% Natural

Q: What are they made from?
A: Rotten vegetables

Q: Some lighters produce black smoke, does yours?
A: No, they are smoke free, odourless, and non-Toxic

Q: Can I use them on my log burner at home?
A: Yes, because they are chemical free, they can be used indoors

Q: What can they be used on?
A: Wood burners, BBQ’s, Firepits as well as our camping cookers

Q: Why was FireDragon developed?
A: The UK MOD needed a fuel that the troops could take and safely use whilst on manoeuvres.

Q: Does FireDragon harm the planet?
A: No, it is 100% fossil free and does not harm the planet in any way


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