A Checklist for Designing Your Kitchen

Kitchens have become the true hub of contemporary homes. That’s why creating a spacious and comfortable kitchen area is becoming increasingly important for every modern property. We outline our ultimate checklist for designing your kitchen.

Kitchens, nowadays, are for more than just cooking—they’re also where many of us prefer to dine and entertain guests.

Whether you’re renovating or designing your kitchen for a brand new home, the design choices you make will need to be well thought through. In addition to this being a potentially expensive project to embark on, it will also more than likely be a semi-permanent one—families tend to keep their kitchens for around 20 years.

Hire a designer

Designing your kitchen will take time, ideas, money and—above all—a designer. When looking for a professional, doing your research is essential as they will be stripping out your existing fittings, installing new ones, carrying out plumbing and electrical work, painting, paper finishing and tiling. The right designer for you will be able to listen to your ideas, take them on board but also keep your feet firmly planted on the ground in terms of what is achievable and what isn’t. A tip to keep in mind: when the design is finalised, always ask yourself if the plan fits your predetermined budget.

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Figure out the layout

When deciding on the desired layout for your kitchen, there are a few things to consider: water and electricity connections, positioning of the table (if applicable), storage solutions, room dimensions and windowsill height. Having an efficient layout is key—every kitchen should be comfortable. The ‘kitchen triangle’ rule is the basis for all well-designed kitchens. The triangle is made up of the distance between the refrigerator, sink and cooker. As these are all essential areas, a well-designed and functional kitchen will minimise the amount of steps a cook will have to take—whether they’re preparing a meal or cleaning up after it.

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Factor in storage

Storage is something no household will ever have enough of. Smart solutions can enhance spaces and turn even the tiniest crannies into functional storage areas. Add blind corner cabinets, easy reach cabinets, retractable pantries, wine racks and rollout trays to your checklist for designing your kitchen—they create the most storage room out of the space that’s available to you.

Let there be light

The number one design element for a new kitchen is light. Creating extra windows, adding a chandelier above your kitchen table or island and evenly scattering lamps throughout will make the room seem much bigger and brighter. If you’re deciding where to place your sink, opt for a position with a view. This way, you’ll have natural light flooding the most-used areas of your kitchen as well as a great feature that adds value to your home in case you choose to sell in the future.

Folding doors

Folding doors can make any room a versatile one. Whether they separate the kitchen area from the garden or from the living room and dining room, they can instantly create bigger and wider spaces when opened.

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