7 Key Interior Trends for 2022

We have taken a look at the top plant and gardening trends for 2022, but what will be the interior trends for this year? Flooring Superstore has collaborated with interior designers Jojo Bradley and Marc Epstein to discover and discuss seven interior trends for this year.

Neutrals & naturals

Forest Twist – Light Brown

Think beiges and natural earth colours as we celebrate our homes being our sanctuaries. This extends to accessories and prints too, with organic, natural objects, materials and prints taking centre stage. And if you’re longing for alternatives to the ever-popular grey, consider sand tones and subtle creams to tap into this natural and eco chic interior trend. The Forest Twist Light Brown (£5.99 per square metre) is one of the most popular kinds of carpets being produced and is made from yarn that is twisted tightly together.

Parquet laminate

Chevron – Antique Oak

With over 700k Instagram posts of #parquet, this style of flooring has been rising in popularity over the last few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Wood parquet flooring comes with a price tag and ongoing maintenance, but now with parquet laminate you can get the look for a fraction of the cost. The parquet style suits both traditional or modern decor in equal measures.

Sustainable materials


There is ever more focus on sustainability in our homes, from the products we use to how we design a space. Think reclaimed, recycled, pre-loved, and ethically sourced. And if you’re making more environmentally friendly choices for your home, don’t forget your flooring. The Serene carpet rangeis made from discarded fishing nets and other waste rescued from the ocean.

Monochrome vinyl

Monochrome – Chessboard

Monochrome – black and white – has been increasing in popularity when it comes to flooring, particularly patterned vinyl – which is durable, easy to look after and suitable for every room in the home. A monochromatic floor creates a multi-dimensional appearance, and the black and white colour scheme makes it easy to match with any interior style. There are also different patterns available, including classic chequers and chess boards, but why not also consider introducing bold weaves, patterned mosaic, slate-effect, or other geometric shapes, such as diamonds and stripes?

Accent layering

Portbury – Sierra Night

Adding accents and textiles creates a sense of elegance. Due to the 70’s retro revival we are seeing all over interior design, velvet is one of the most prominent comebacks! Layering different textures, using different materials, adding pops of rich colour, or showcasing a vintage print are all simple ways that accent layering can be achieved. Velvet is a fabric that can sometimes be tricky to style but beautiful when done correctly – when looking to add a touch of velvet elegance to your home, consider what other fabrics that item will be paired with. Velvet accent chairs, headboards, cushions, or stools are a great place to start experimenting with this luxurious material.

Patterned carpets

Loch Lomond – Drumpellier

As people start to look for alternatives beyond neutral interiors, colourful or patterned carpets are rising in popularity. Popular patterns for 2022 will likely include stripes, chevrons, checks, tartan, and tweed. Also, jewel colours, such as turquoises and emerald greens, are among the fastest growing colours of carpet and other flooring that Flooring Superstore sold in 2021, so we could see these tones being incorporated into patterned carpets in 2022 and beyond.

Black is the new black

Wiltshire – Twilight Oak

Black is back! Or did it ever really leave? Black is clean, classic, and not to be overlooked. In interior design black can be quite an intimidating colour and so people typically go for more neutrals throughout the home, especially with walls or large furniture. But if you’re looking to keep your home on trend, we would recommend black accent furniture first to test the waters, like a new dressing table. Or if you want to make more of a statement, why not choose dark flooring, such as a black carpet or stunning dark oak-effect vinyl.

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