10 Top Tips For Making Christmas Dinner Amazing

We give our favourite top ten tips on how to make your Christmas dinner even more amazing

  1. Use a cooking thermometer for turkey. Stick into the densest point and if it says 74 degrees, it’s cooked.
  2. If you’re doing Yorkshire puddings, it’s all about timing. Make sure the fat is sizzling hot and try not to open the oven door.
  3. Rough up the roast potatoes with a fork to make them crispy before cooking
  4. Use the juices from the meat to add to the gravy to make it even tastier
  5. Use nutmeg in your bread sauce: it adds that little bit of flavour.
  6. Consider doing a meat other than turkey: goose, duck or even pork can be equally delcious if you fancy something different.
  7. If you have a vegetarian or vegan in the family, these beetroot and squash wellingtons are easy (they also freeze well, so you can make them ahead of time)
  8. Char your brussel sprouts and serve with Marmite butter
  9. If you aren’t keen on Christmas pudding, a classic chocolate yule log is a tasty alternative
  10. Mix up your pigs in blankets by adding black pudding, chestnuts and butternut squash to the tray.

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