World’s First Non-Drug Option To Prevent Osteoporosis Launches In The UK

Osteoporosis can be a debilitating condition and can greatly affect your quality of life. While there are things you can do to help the condition, treatments for osteoporosis usually involve taking certain medication.

A new device launched in the UK can naturally prevent osteoporosis, without the need for medication. Using science developed by NASA for its astronauts, it harnesses the power of the body’s own stem cells to improve bone density and strength.

The fight to prevent osteoporosis has now stepped up a gear with the launch of Marodyne LiV –  The world’s first clinically-approved, non-invasive, non-drug option for osteoporosis prevention, Marodyne LiV is set to change the way we deal with the bone-thinning disease.

Marodyne LiV (Low-intensity Vibration) is 100% certified as a safe and effective tool to help people with osteopenia and osteoporosis, encouraging bone growth, building muscle mass and strength and stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Several clinical studies have proven that LiV can assist in the prevention of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women and promote bone and muscle growth in younger women with osteoporosis.

“The Royal Osteoporosis Society is encouraged to see the results so far from the Marodyne LiV research and its potential as a safe and effective tool for the prevention of osteoporosis,” says Henry Mace, Head of Clinical Partnerships, Royal Osteoporosis Society. “We look forward to working with Marodyne LiV and will be watching with great interest to see the difference it makes to people living with the condition.”

Good vibrations

Marodyne LiV is easy to use – you simply stand on the device for 10 minutes a day to allow the low intensity vibrations to stimulate your body’s cells to reform bone and muscle tissue. When you step onto the platform, its ‘smart’ technology automatically adjusts to your weight, mass and movement to produce low acceleration, high frequency vibrations that send signals to re-activate the bone building cells in the body.

Marodyne LiV can be safely used alongside all prescription drugs currently available to treat osteoporosis.  It works by delivering a precise and targeted low-magnitude mechanical signal at a frequency of exactly 30 Hz per second to the person standing on the device. The frequency is calibrated to stimulate and regulate critical stem-cell processes that are key to regenerating tissues within the body, including bone. Just a faint buzzing sensation is felt as you stand on the device.

High praise

Health guru Diana Moran, 80, likens the sensation to the purring of a cat. An early adopter of Marodyne LiV, Diana uses it at home to help her manage her osteopenia – the midpoint between having healthy bones and having osteoporosis.

With over 10 years’ expertise speaking on this health topic, Diana likes the fact that the device offers a non-drug, non-invasive option to treat the symptoms of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

“Unlike some osteoporosis drugs, there are no side effects with Marodyne LiV and no need to take a ‘drug holiday’,” says Diana.  “I love the way it stimulates the body’s cells in a wholly natural way.

“Even better, it does more than just help build bone: it also helps improve muscle strength, reduce knee, hip and back pain and helps improve your balance, reducing your risk of falling. I find it’s a really positive way to boost my health, energise me and set me up for the day.”

‘Miracle worker’

Award-winning author and playwright Jane Ryan, 66, was diagnosed with osteoporosis aged 60 and prescribed medication.

However, like many other people, she didn’t feel well on the medication and was relieved to find a non-invasive, non-drug intervention in Marodyne LiV.

She has been doing 10 minutes of low intensity vibration training on the device each day for the past two and a half years and the impact has been outstanding.

“When I received my latest dexa scans, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The results clearly showed my bones were no longer considered osteoporotic,” she said.

Not just older people affected

It’s important to note that osteoporosis is not just an elderly person’s disease as Jane herself proves.

“I was a very active 60-year-old when my femur – the largest bone in my body – snapped like a matchstick,” says Jane. “As soon as you pass the menopause, the damage can set in, no matter how often you go to the gym, or walk, or run. To avoid osteoporosis, we need a pre-emptive defence and, to my mind, Marodyne LiV is exactly that.”

It took me a year to learn to walk again after I broke my femur. For many people osteoporosis is considered inevitable.  But my experience using Marodyne LiV shows that pre-emptive action could stop it in its tracks.”

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