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Guarantor Loans
When it comes to small repair jobs and essential home improvement purchases, guarantor loans can be an easy way of putting funds together in a short space of time—but what are their pros and cons? [...] Continue reading

Life Insurance: What Is It and Why Might I Need It?
There are some things you may not know about life insurance: it’s (probably) cheaper than you think; you can tailor it to suit you and it can offer peace of mind. [...] Continue reading

Do You Need Life Insurance?
The decision to get life insurance is an important one. We have compiled a list with Zurich Insurance UK of common questions to help inform you about what life insurance involves and how it could benefit you. [...] Continue reading

Choosing a Mortgage
Buying a property is a landmark in your life, but it’s also a long-term financial commitment needing careful research and savvy decision-making. Here are Phil’s top finance tips to ensure you get a good deal. [...] Continue reading

Affordable Housing
In February 2017, the government published a white paper pledging to build more affordable housing in England—what exactly does it entail? [...] Continue reading

The Facts on Equity Release
As you get older or retire, financing those larger purchases and treats can seem like an impossible dream. Buying a new car, making some home improvements, or even funding a trip of a lifetime may all seem just wishful thinking. In 2016 over 27,000 people* brought their plans to life… [...] Continue reading