Keeping watch is child’s play

V-Kids Watch by Vodafone lets children explore while giving parents reassurance that they’re safe.

It’s inevitable – little adventurers are going to want to venture out and explore. And as a parent, you want to instil kids with a sense of independence and let them have fun, but also want to be able to check in for added reassurance. That is just one reason why V-Kids Watch feels like a device that parents have been waiting for. Not only does it allow them to see where their children are with GPS tracking, but it allows kids to communicate through voice messaging and send alerts via the SOS button. The V-Kids Watch is powered by the V-Sim, a sim card that connects to Vodafone’s fast and reliable network and lets parents check in even when they’re not nearby, straight from their smartphone.

It takes a village

Sometimes as a parent, you’re not always able to spring to action right away. That’s why V-Kids Watch gives you the option of choosing up to four other app members who can also see where your child is on a map and get directions to their location. This way, you can bring grandparents, aunts and uncles or family friends into the fold should your kid wander a little further afield. These trusted contacts will receive notifications from the watch should your child press the SOS button for 5 seconds, then you can figure out a plan between you.

The importance of checking in

Whether they’re going around a new friend’s house for the first time or attending a classmate’s birthday party without you, V-Kids Watch’s voice messaging feature is great for checking in and keeping connected. The tool lets you record and send voice messages of up to 30 seconds to each other. And, if any of their friends also have a V-Kids Watch, they can send voice notes and emojis to each other – great if you want to delay that inevitable ‘first smartphone’ purchase by a year or two.

They won’t want to take it off

This isn’t a gimmicky toy they get for Christmas and immediately cast aside, it’s designed to be fun for kids. For starters, it’s waterproof and comes in either pink or blue. There are three games available to keep them occupied but they won’t distract them from their studies thanks to the ‘School Time’ feature. The function allows you to disable games and messaging with their friends so they can stay focussed when they need to most.

Whether or not you’re well-versed in the world of IoT (internet of things), one thing’s for sure – keeping connected with your child even when you’re not together has never been easier than with V-Kids Watch

V-Kids Watch is just one device in a whole range of smart products from V by Vodafone. Get V-Kids Watch for the discounted price of £99 (RRP £135) by clicking here and using the code: HCKIDSO.

Terms and Conditions 

For full functionality a 30-day V-SIM plan, Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal are required. Voucher includes money off the upfront cost only. Voucher code must be used by 1st April 2020. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. See the website

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