Investigating Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy will be a new concept for many – with the help of Ondamed we investigate what exactly it is and how you could benefit.

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and how does it tend to be applied to the patient?

There are many differences when it comes to PEMF therapy. The main differences are the field shape, field intensity, the range of frequencies and most importantly if the PEMF therapy is standardised to disease and symptoms or personalised to the patient. In standardised approaches, the patient lies on a mat or places their knee through a coil-shaped device. A more sophisticated approach is the personalization of PEMF therapy where the patient sits or lies comfortably while the practitioner fine-tunes needed frequencies to the patient and discovers dysfunctional cells/tissue areas on the body to focus treatment where it is most needed. Such dysfunctions include inflamed or infected tissue, scars or even unresolved emotional shock & trauma residing as cellular memory somewhere on the body.

Who is PEMF designed for exactly and are there any particular consumers it wouldn’t be suitable for?

Everyone should look into PEMF therapy, whether you are chronically ill or have an acute injury. It is a powerful treatment choice even for people who wish to stay well and healthy. Also, athletes benefit from treatment for speedy healing, injury prevention and performance improvement.

How long does the treatment tend to last?

Patients often see benefits from treatment right away. Usually, 5 treatments once per week will stabilise our patients meaning that the body can “hold” the repair and regeneration changes without falling back into the old pattern. With stabilisation, I mean less pain, better sleep, more energy, improved movability and better mood. From there patients usually start building to a new level of health by getting 2 treatments per month for a total of about 10 treatments. The next phase is all about prevention and maintenance, which requires quarterly treatments.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Using PEMF in a personalised way helps detoxify cells and tissue that in turn improves metabolism functions. Again, a focused PEMF therapy helps direct immune response to where it is most needed along with attracting blood flow into an undernourished area. Patients will experience less pain, an increase of stress tolerance, better sleep, weight optimization, less addictive cravings such as sugar, tobacco and alcohol, improved performance, better mental focus, a better working immune system to keep colds and infection at bay, reduction of allergies, feeling and looking younger and more radiant.

Is this form of therapy suitable for patients to administer at home themselves or can it only be administered by a medical professional?

Yes, patients may certainly use PEMF for self-treatment even with more sophisticated devices. All it takes is proper training. The patient can do no harm to her/himself and treatments even on a daily basis will only enhance life. A practitioner using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy would certainly add to the patient’s diagnostic perspective and clinical evaluation while of course, also offering a treatment solution that works.

How does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy compare to other forms of therapy and treatment?

Treating with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields is using energy. It uses the ‘stuff’ we are made of and helps distribute the body’s own energy. Frequencies emitted by PEMF Therapy taps into the communication pathways of our cells and help restore and reconnect communication within our bodies. This is helpful if we want our physiology to get to optimum performance or in other words, it helps the body’s own regulation and healing. Most of the available PEMF devices are non-invasive and there are no known side effects.

Are there any negative side effects of the therapy that can occur?

As long as the field intensity is in the milli Tesla range, there is no negative side effect. PEMF is a safe and effective therapy for anyone.


ONDAMED® brings any practice to the cutting edge, as it incorporates and integrates the latest scientific findings of how the human body regulates itself.

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