Get Running! Team GB Launches Nation’s Biggest Sports Day

Get your running shoes on! In late August, Toyota and Team GB will be organising the “I Am Team GB: Nation’s Biggest Sports Day”, which is set to be Britain’s biggest community event in sporting history.

Headed by Laura Kenny, a four-time Olympic champion and seven-time world champion, the campaign will round off every Bank Holiday in August 2019 and 2020 with a day of various sport activities to encourage the nation to get exercising and inspire people to start their journey at Team GB. 

Game-Changing, “Game Makers”

In addition to Laura Kenny acting as lead ambassador for the “I Am Team GB” campaign, the campaign has received support from the National Lottery, which has pledged funding to allow Team GB athletes to present at events across the UK. Moreover, the campaign will be promoting the role of volunteers or “I Am Team GB Games Makers”, who will champion a nostalgic revival of the 2012 Olympic Games’ atmosphere, by motivating people in their communities to be more active over the bank holiday weekend. Supporting your wider community or friends and family to be active can be as simple as organising a park run, a short hike or a casual Sunday stroll.

Speaking of the new initiative to get more people on the move, Olympian, Laura Kenny asserted: “It’s vital that sport takes advantage of this excitement and interest. With just over a year to go until Tokyo 2020, this is the perfect time to be launching I Am Team GB and I am looking forward to seeing the fantastic range of events that people throughout the country get involved in.” 

Your Daily Dose of Exercise 

The NHS reports that exercise for babies should be promoted by parents, prior to them even learning how to crawl. Once your child starts walking independently, ensure they are getting at least getting three hours of physical activity over the span of the day either indoors or outside. Appropriate examples of play for toddlers include cycling, ball games, swimming and other playground games; there are plenty more activities  to keep an eye on and are set to be incorporated by “Team GB’s Game Makers” Furthermore, it is strongly advised that children under the age of five should not be left inactive across extended periods of time and this should only apply for bedtimes.

The pressure of keeping your child under control and knowing where they are in public places means it far easier to have them glued to their buggy, or when indoors, turning the TV on the latest programme on CBBC to keep them quiet and quit the sibling squabbles. Nonetheless, while the short-term outcome can benefit you, they can in fact hinder your child’s development in the long run. 

Health Perks 

Our ever-growing reliance on technology and transportation to complete things for us and take us to places means it is paramount, that exercise is encouraged from an early age.  According to Great Ormond Street Hospital, promoting exercise in young people fosters a number of health via improving social and physical development. These include creating an environment to socialise, maximising concentrating, improving sleep, supporting the growth of stronger bones, decreasing stress levels and boosting cardiovascular health, posture, self-esteem and balance.  

Regardless, before you start listing the health perks of exercise, while your child is slouching on the sofa to the latest programme on CBBC or ITV, it is important you make sure “exercise is fun.” Healthy snacks can act as rewards, although the guaranteed way of making sure fitness is fun is by engaging them in an activity they enjoy, for example cycling or swimming.  If in need of further inspiration, head over to activities organised by “I Am Team GB Game Makers” as part of the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day, to allow both you and your child to participate in some fitness fun. You can equally join the nation’s biggest, community-led sport event at .

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