Dog Breed Maintenance

Which breeds are the easiest to look after?

Man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes. Every breed is different and it’s important to look into the different care requirements each one has before making the commitment to buy. You have to know that you’re up for the challenge or that your new dog will fit easily into your life. These cute creatures will require love, care and attention and it is your job to give it to them.

We have made a list of the most high maintenance dogs, which require heaps of attention, exercise and grooming, and the most low maintenance, who are more easy-going.


High maintenance

Siberian Husky

Huskies were bred to run long distances and that instinct doesn’t just go away once you bring them into your home. You have to make sure your garden is completely secure as they have a tendency to run away. Make sure they get plenty of exercise or they may start letting their energy out in other ways—taking it out on your home and possessions.

Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels are often called ‘playful’ but, really, this is just a nicer way of saying they need to do a lot of exercise to keep from becoming destructive. In addition to this, their long fur needs regular brushing and grooming.

Border Collies

They were bred to be sheepdogs—this is reflected in their obsessive need to work. Border Collies are very loyal and loving, but need both physical and mental exercise. If you’re thinking about getting a Collie, consider giving it a hobby such as farm work, herding or agility competitions.


Low maintenance


Labradors are very common and family-friendly dogs for the simple reason that they are very sociable and easy to train. This breed is eager to please and will be very loyal to their owners. They do need a fair bit of exercise, but if they get what they need they make the perfect dogs.


These little dogs are known for being handbag companions. They need much less exercise than other dogs and adapt well to apartment living. While they’re not recommended for families with younger children, if you want a dog that you can carry around with you this could be the breed for you.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Queen is a big fan of this breed, so they must be good. Corgis are very adaptable, friendly, easy to train and don’t take a lot of grooming—an all around low maintenance dog! As they were bred for herding cattle, they do require a fair amount of exercise, but their little legs mean they are unlikely to go bounding off without you.

Getting your first dog is a huge step—make sure you do your research to ensure you are making the right decision. All breeds of dogs need care, exercise and attention no matter what, so make sure this is the right thing for you.

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