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Win a Handy Cure™ Worth £350!

Win a Handy Cure™ Worth £350!

Handy Cure™ - Win a chance to treat your orthopaedic pains at the comfort of your home! - Device Worth £350!-

Handy Cure™ is a Class II medical device (certified CE) for pain relief treatments, based on Quantum Medicine (QM) and synergizes effects of 4 energy sources: Cold Laser – Class1, Infra-Red, Static electromagnetic field, visible Red Light.

Combining in a unique way these four energy sources had provided field-proven results in the last 10 years of treatments that reduced pain and accelerated blood micro-circulation and the formation of new tissue, improving the patients’ health, quickly and efficiently and within a relatively short time.

Handy Cure™ is approved for home use and for professional therapists’ clinics, being CE certified to be used at the comfort of your home, by a regular user, without any special training, similar to any OTC device for measuring temperature or blood pressure.

Cold Laser (also called LLLT laser) is a low-power laser, gentle and safe, with healing properties, the most positive influences on body tissues, so the laser is particularly common used in pain-treatment medicine. Laser Therapy is used on muscle and joint pain, stiffness associated with arthritis, pain associated with muscle spasms, hand and wrist pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, "frozen" shoulder, joints/neck/lower back pain and wound healing.

LLLT does not produce heat and not scorching. The healing power of low power laser without any risks or side effects on our body, clearly demonstrates a great success, without surgery, without anaesthesia and without pain-killer drugs, which just temporarily reduce the pain.

Most painkillers (conventional treatment / topical medication), mimic the action of endorphins, and actually get only temporary relief of pain by raising the pain threshold, without actually dealing with the cause of the pain/ inflammation, as actually Handy Cure™ does.

The closing date for this competition has passed.
Closing date: October 27, 2017