Child’s Play

Children’s rooms need to be bright, appealing and most importantly of all, durable.

Softly softly

Pastel shades are a great way of striking a balance between playful and calming in a child’s room, brightening a space without being garish. Pastel palettes built around shades of gray or other neutral hues are a good way of creating a more ‘grown up’ space for older children and teenagers.

Blast from the past

Try combining traditional items with handmade pieces for a classic, vintage feel—such as a cast iron bedstead, wooden bookshelves and handmade toys. Using timeless pieces that don’t date will help create a room that children can ‘grow into’ as they get older.

Make a statement

Themed rooms can often be costly as children’s interests can change so quickly. Using themed wallpaper in a feature wall is a much easier way to cater for a child’s latest passion, and can be updated easily.

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Look up

Tight on space? Think creatively and make the most of high ceilings by using loft beds—they help create more storage and floor space, and allow children who share rooms to have their own space.

Mix and match

Painted modular furniture can be a great investment for a child’s room—as colours can be updated and arrangements reconfigured, meaning you can easily change the space.

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