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April 11, 2019

Why You Deserve Softer Water?

Why You Deserve Softer Water?

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Hard water affects skin and hair health, the amount of water you have to use for washing and how quickly your water boils, which is why purchasing a low maintenance water softener is strongly recommended.

Do your taps, pipes, showerheads and kettles need constant descaling? Are your kitchen and bathroom surfaces rough to the touch? Do your soaps and cleaning products not lather? Then you have hard water—but you don’t have to settle for it.

Natural rainwater is ‘soft’, almost pure H2O, but as it flows underground through limestone and chalk it picks up traces of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This ‘hard’ water is what is supplied to your home through the mains, and it brings with it problems of scale and scum. Different parts of the country suffer different levels of hard water.

Apart from the difficulty in lathering, hard water sediment left on appliances, surfaces and pipes causes serious damage. This can be a particular problem in boilers, with sediment building up inside, reducing efficiency and increasing your bills.

But wherever you live, you can choose to have ‘softened’ water in your home, resulting in better-looking bathtubs, prettier pipes and shining surfaces.

Water Power

A typical water softener system consists of a cylinder full of resin beads, which is plumbed directly into your water system, usually under the sink. It doesn’t require an electricity supply, as the full force of the water powers it. 

The resin beads in a water softener trap the hard water minerals and remove them by a process known as ion exchange. Some twin-cylinder systems will have one cylinder working while the other is regenerating, to keep up with household demand.

Little maintenance is required; the water softener unit just has to be replenished with a salt block, about once a month.


You’ll see instant benefits as the system pipes softened water throughout your house—within about six weeks your drinking water should be free of limescale, and in six months your boiler should be clear. It can take about two years for all your water pipes to be descaled.

Some of the benefits of softened water include:

  • Reduce the amount of detergent needed for washing
  • Reduce the amount of washing-up liquid you need
  • Water will boil more quickly and tea and coffee will be free of scum
  • Can help to improve eczema conditions

If you don’t like the taste of softened water in your drinks, you can have a separate hard water, drinking tap fitted; it’s also advisable to use hard water for your garden supply.

Find out more about the benefits of water softeners today, and you’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits of softer water.


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