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March 11, 2019

Travelling With a Medical Condition

Travelling With a Medical Condition

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For the best holiday experience, here’s our top advice from InsuranceWith on travelling with a medical condition.

Having a medical condition may not affect your day-to-day, but it can certainly impact your travel plans. At Insurancewith, we believe everyone deserves a holiday, so we’ve put together some top tips and advice based on our experience of travelling with a medical condition.

Planning for Your Trip

In today’s world, travel isn’t restrictive, but for any trip to be a success you need to thoroughly prepare. Make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Will the temperature or humidity cause any issues?
  • What medication will you need to take?
  • What’s your ‘Plan B’ if you lose your medication, or need to get home but can’t fly?
  • Do you need any specialist equipment on the airplane or in your accommodation?

Once you’ve answered these initial questions, you’ll have a far better idea of not only where to go, but also the steps you need to take before setting off.

Packing Medication

Packing for your holiday can be tedious and time-consuming. We’re all guilty of over-packing; bringing more coats than necessary if you’re off somewhere cold, or bringing one too many swimsuits for the beach.  For those of you on medication, packing can be stressful, worrying about how much to take, where to pack them- the list goes on. At Insurancewith.com, we understand that you may want a bit of reassurance and advice as to what to do in this instance.

You’ll need to make sure that you have enough for the length of your trip, and a little extra in the event that there are delays in getting home. Try packing medication with half in your hand luggage and the other in your main suitcase, just in case your luggage gets lost, stolen or delayed – at least you have a backup.

We always recommend that if you’re on prescription medication, you pack a letter from your doctor, so if questioned, you can provide proof,  as to the reason why this is prescribed to you. It’s always best to bring your medication in its original packaging (not dispensary containers) so the medication can clearly match the prescription and , making the whole process smoother.

In some countries, common medications available for prescription in the UK are illegal. For example, tramadol is illegal in Egypt and codeine is banned in the United Arab Emirates. If you’re not sure about whether yours is illegal in the country that you’re planning on travelling to, you can check with your destination’s Embassy before you travel.

Getting Travel Insurance

It’s important that you take out a travel insurance policy as soon as you book your trip, to ensure that you’re protected. Many people leave it until the last minute to get cover, however if you need to cancel your trip because you fall unwell, you aren’t protected unless you have cancellation cover.

Regardless of your medical condition, it’s essential to know that you’re covered for any emergency medical treatment throughout the duration of your trip. Of course, we hope that all your travels are hassle-free, but planning for the worst is recommended – so travel insurance should be one of your priorities.

Depending on your medical condition, travel insurance can be prohibitively expensive but with the right knowledge behind you, it isn’t hard to find a policy to suit your individual needs.

To get the best deal we recommend not looking at every single comparison site. These sites often only show a handful of travel insurers, so you might not actually be getting the best deal for you.  Instead, look for specialist insurers who ask more questions than your usual ‘bucket and spade’ providers. It can be invasive disclosing your medical information to them, however these specialist insurers are experienced in providing good-quality and affordable policies that cover a vast range of conditions. So, rest assured you are in the best possible hands.

The travel insurer’s detailed understanding of your medical condition, treatments you may have had and medication, means you’ll get a policy that offers suitable cover based on your individual needs. It’s important that you declare any condition during this stage otherwise you may not be able to make a claim in the event of a medical incident abroad.

Once you’ve purchased your policy you can start to plan your holiday. Whether it’s relaxing on a beach with a good book, or settling into a log cabin overlooking the Northern Lights, you can do so, with peace of mind that you are fully protected!


Insurancewith was developed to ‘do more than just insurance’. We aim to do things differently by providing sensible cover, and by personally connecting with our customers to ensure that they have true peace of mind for their trip.

You are at the heart of everything we do, from our unique medical screening system, which allows people with medical conditions to get cover for a fair premium, to our regular work with the same charities that help our customers on a day-to-day basis.