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January 29, 2019

Top Tips for Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

Top Tips for Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

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There’s no denying that travelling with babies and toddlers can be stressful. But by planning ahead, the experience can be (relatively) fuss-free for the whole family. Try these top tips to get your holiday off to the right start:

Pack smart

Pack hand luggage in a way that's easy to find things quickly. Instead of rummaging desperately for that one elusive toy or snack in your bag, pack light and things will be much easier to find from your plane seat or in the back of the car. It’s also a great idea to pack one more baby bottle than you think you’ll need—it’s amazing how easily they go missing on your travels. Remember to check ahead to see if your destination has a supermarket nearby, so you can pick up anything you’ve forgotten or cannot find room for—this takes away the temptation to overpack. Maritnhal Family Hotels & Resorts in Portugal have on-site shops for all your essentials, and even a Baby Concierge service so you can order essentials to your villa on arrival—handy!

Snacks, snacks, snacks

Make sure to pack easy-to-eat food and snacks to tide you over during tantrums or stressful situations. Even the grumpiest of toddlers is happier after a snack, so make sure to have a well-stocked supply in your inflight bag. Try dried fruit or packets of raisins for a healthy option and avoid anything that requires messy peeling. It’s a good idea to always take more than you think you’ll need, in case of delays, and to pack an empty plastic bag for rubbish, especially on long car journeys.  

Wipes to the rescue!

Always have a pack (or two!) of baby wipes to hand—a must to clean sticky hands or wipe down airline tray tables before snack time. Antibacterial gel is also useful to carry—a quick squirt is a good idea before eating or snacking. 

Don’t feel guilty 

Don't be ashamed to keep little ones entertained with tech while travelling—putting on a film or letting them play a game will allow for a calmer journey, and bringing along an iPad is much more space-efficient than packing bulky toys and books in your inflight bag. Travelling with babies and toddlers is stressful enough, so never feel guilty.

Beat the snuffles

If taking a flight to your destination, a nasal decongestant spray works wonders if little ones are feeling stuffed up on the flight, and can also help with blocked ears. Make sure to pick up one that’s suitable for toddlers, or get a prescription if necessary.

Adapt to the time zone

Nobody wants to deal with toddler-jetlag on the first day of their holiday, so make sure to spend time outside in the daylight on your first day to adapt to the local time zone quicker. If you’re worried, pick a destination like Portugal, which is on the exact time zone as the UK. The same bedtime means little ones will adapt to their new surroundings quicker, so you can get straight to the important part of the holiday—relaxing as a family. 

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