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August 01, 2018

Theodore Kyriakou’s Taramosalata

Theodore Kyriakou’s Taramosalata

Make Theodore Kyriakou's Taramosalata for yourself at home. It pairs wonderfully with a warm flatbread or crunchy crisps. 


50g tarama paste (not coloured)

Lemon juice

260ml rapeseed oil, preferably cold-pressed

30-40ml ice cold water


  1. Add the tarama paste to a food processor, turn it on low and let it run for a few minutes.
  2. Start pouring the lemon juice, oil and ice cold water into the food processor very slowly, building up the speed gradually.
  3. By the time you have finished pouring all the ingredients in, you should be on the highest speed. The end result is a smooth dip (add more ice cold water if needed).
  4. Serve with a flatbread or chips.