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July 21, 2016

Room by Room: The Bedroom

Room by Room: The Bedroom

Room to Room: The Bedroom- Image courtesy of Harlequin.

A bedroom design should incorporate a blend of current trends and timeless elements. It is, after all, your home within a home.

Claim it back

Reclaimed wood isn’t just the preserve of hipster pubs—it’s also an eco-savvy and affordable way of adding textural interest into your home. Try using reclaimed wood for a feature wall, side tables, bookshelves and even dressing tables.

Heads up

The bedroom is the only place in a house that tends to be off-limits to guests, and as such it deserves to be a true reflection of your personal taste. With that in mind, one of the major trends for bedrooms in 2016 is the custom headboard. This may seem like an expensive option but often enough they work out to be no more expensive than their readymade counterparts, and can be even cheaper if you upcycle—such as using old bookshelves or wooden pallets

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Off the wall

The modern bedroom has evolved into a place to spend leisure time in, rather than just sleep. Combining different elements in a room—such as a home office or a bathtub and a wall-mounted TV—can transform a bedroom into a retreat.

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