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May 10, 2019

Ready, Set, Go: It’s National Walking Month

Ready, Set, Go: It’s National Walking Month

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

For National Walking Month this May, we'll be going through our tops walks across the UK and helping you overcome the obstacles that put you off going for a walk.

The appearance of May marks national walking month and correspondingly, the week commencing the sixteenth of May will be Walk To School Week for children. National Walking Month is a chance to ditch the car, drop the Oyster top up and take a moment to soak in the summer sun and breeze with a gentle stroll to your child’s school and work.

The campaign behind National Walking Month aims to raise awareness about road safety and air pollution.  According to a YouGov survey that was commissioned by Living Streets, one in three adults around the age of 65 years and older struggle to walk on local pavements, due to uneven surfaces from potholes and cracks.

The second concern associated with walking in outside, public spaces was to do with the increasing levels of air pollution, particularly in London. Over 20 percent of adults expressed this concern about air pollution, with nearly 11 percent admitting it to be a hindrance to them going for walks. These concerns cannot be overlooked and a recent campaign launched by The Times has identified air pollution in the streets, as responsible for poisoning over 2.5 million children in the UK. 

Although, it is unsettling to know that our air, something we once took for granted, is now incredibly toxic today, it is still essential you spend time outdoors to ensure a healthy state of mind and body. If air pollution is an obstacle to your outdoor activities, an anti-pollution mask, otherwise known as a Particulate Respirator Mask is something to try purchasing and wearing while outside. The mask, which must be a N95 to ensure efficiency, works by reducing your exposure to pollution particles.

The Best Walking Paths For National Walking Month

Forget God’s Own Junkyard, London’s worst kept is Richmond Park. Encompassing horse drawn carriages, picturesque plantations and wildlife, awarding it the title of top place for ancient trees in the UK, Richmond Park is a must visit for National Walking Month.

The main trail across Richmond Park, Tamsin Trail, covers approximately seven miles and is perfect for families looking for time together, outside during the weekend and bank holidays.

The trail is frequently visited by deer and therefore makes for a fantastic opportunity to take some summer photos.

Lake District

It’s difficult to decide the best walk the Lake District is home to, though while your there, why not walk more than one. 

We recommend starting off with a walk by Greendale’s cottages, trekking up north to view spectacular scenes of Wasdale screens and western fells. Moreover, if you’re lucky and fingers crossed, the weather is good you will be able to see the Isle of Man emerging upwards.

The total distance from Greendale to Middle Fell is 3.5 miles.

Ullswater Walk

Another Lake District walk, we strongly recommend you check out is the Ullswater Walk.  Hidden in Glencoyne, this scenic walk will take you up the dale, before cutting through the summits of Heron Pike and Genridding. On your return, the walk will only get more interesting.

You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the UK’s most rarest species such as: Red Deer, the Peregrine Falcon and the Holly Blue Butterfly.

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