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April 26, 2019

Private Health Insurance: The Truth of Delaying Cover

Private Health Insurance: The Truth of Delaying Cover

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Private Health Insurance grants you access to faster treatment and is a must to avoid the frustration that comes with waiting.

We all know how worrying it is when yourself or a family member becomes ill, what makes the situation worse is having a long wait for diagnosis or treatment. Private Health insurance is designed to relieve the stress of having to wait by providing access to fast treatment. However, many of us never consider taking out health insurance until we personally experience the frustration of having to wait.

In February 2019, NHS England data showed that the target times for patients being diagnosed with cancer to receiving treatment, was the worst it had been since the records began in October 2009. Worryingly Cancer Research UK statistics show 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, this means added pressure on the NHS, which will likely result in a further increase to waiting times.

Kyle Godden, director of Healthcare Clarity says “It is surprising how many enquiries we receive from people, who are only considering health insurance now they are facing the reality of the wait for treatment or diagnosis. I personally have been in this exact situation, after not having private health insurance and therefore having to wait over a year for treatment on the NHS for a back complaint. Experiencing this situation first hand has given me an unshakable belief in having a private health insurance policy, so much so that I choose to make a career out of it.”

It is common for insurers to agree to cover pre-existing conditions after a two-year time period, if you have gone symptom, advice and treatment free. If you use a specialist health insurance broker, they will speak to the underwriters at each insurer, to give you the most favourable terms with regards to your pre-existing conditions.

So why do people delay in taking out health insurance, when they readily take out insurance for their pets or a phone contract? This may be because they perceive health insurance as out of their price range, but with increasing competition in the industry and waiting times increasing, it may be worth considering your options.

Some people are still unnecessarily sticking with their health insurer, as they are worried about not being able to continue cover for pre-existing conditions. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) brought in stricter regulations in April 2017 to make renewing insurance more transparent. However, some insurers failed to implement these changes immediately, with many particularly failing to encourage people to shop around.


By using an advisory health insurance broker like Healthcare Clarity, you can ensure you are receiving a transparent review of your policy. Healthcare Clarity is an experienced and trusted health insurance broker, with all advisors being IF7 accredited. Whether you are new to health insurance or are looking to review a current policy, Healthcare Clarity offers a free advisory service. The personal approach they provide, gives you the peace of mind that your policy is tailored around you as an individual and if you do need to claim on your policy are able to support you through your claim.

To find out more call 01242 350071 or visit www.healthcareclarity.co.uk

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