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July 21, 2016

My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules- Image courtesy of Original Style.

Kitchen trends are on the move.

Back to black

Trends tend to move more slowly when it comes to kitchens, but one of the most visible reflections of changing tastes are appliances, from pastel ovens to retro Smeg fridges.This year, experts predict that the new focus will move from gleaming silver appliances to slick black stainless steel.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match your kitchen cabinets—gone are the days when kitchens had to be immaculately colour-coordinated. Experiment by mixing together different colours and textures (think wooden counter tops, vintage tiled splash backs, antique rugs on the floor), and even pairing two different cabinet styles together.

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Let it shine

Warm-coloured metals like rose gold, brass and copper have been popular for several seasons, and they are particularly easy to incorporate into your kitchen in the form of gadgets, appliances and hardware.

Light up, light up

Worried that your kitchen will look cold and unwelcoming? Cleverly placed lighting can add real warmth and ambiance to a room. Try hanging several identical pendant lights over a kitchen island or table.

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