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April 04, 2017

Kitchen Must-haves

Kitchen Must-haves

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From appliance garages to double sinks, these kitchen must-haves will turn even the simplest kitchen into a multifunctional and efficient cooking space.

The phrase ‘perfect kitchen’ will hold many different meanings for different people—after all, everyone has their own individual cooking habits and living schedules. However, there are some features and design aspects that can turn any kitchen—big or small—into an organised and rewarding space. Here, Property & Home shares a list of the latest kitchen must-haves.

Double sink

The sink is, arguably, the most important feature in a kitchen. This is where we prep our food, do our washing up and clean our utensils. Having more than one sink can increase a kitchen’s cleanliness and efficiency. Adding an additional sink could also allow for the installation of a disposal system—extremely handy for preventing food clogs and turning food waste into compost—and aid the smooth running of a bigger and more numerous household.

Appliance garage

In addition to making your kitchen’s counters neat and tidy, an ‘appliance garage’ will also make the room seem bigger—after all, there is nothing worse than a chaotic kitchen with no worktop space. Set up at counter level, these cabinets will allow you to keep your appliances out of sight, plugged in and ready for use. Before installing this space-saving solution, spare a moment to think about what appliances you want to store—whether that is a big all-purpose mixer or a simple toaster—to make sure you leave enough space. Install an outlet or two in the cabinet as well so you can easily slide appliances out when needed.

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Recycling centre

A large amount of every household’s waste is made in the kitchen. Think fruit and vegetable peels, glass and plastic bottles, food packaging and containers. Nowadays it’s more important than ever to heighten our recycling efforts, which is why installing a recycling centre is a kitchen must-have for anybody. In addition to keeping the trash away and hidden until pickup time arrives, these recycling solutions also make sorting waste into its rightful container much easier.

A warming drawer

Especially useful when cooking a lot of different dishes at the same time or hosting a dinner party, a warming drawer simply keeps food at the right temperature. In addition to this, it can also be used to warm up plates and napkins before a sit down meal.

Water dispensers

Hot and cold water dispensers will become the true centerpiece of the modern kitchen. For anyone who loves a cup of tea—or an indulgent hot chocolate—having boiling water at the touch of a button means you’ll no longer need to wait for the kettle to boil. Similarly, these dispensers will make cooking with hot or boiling water much quicker. A cold water dispenser, on the other hand, will chill and improve the taste of regular tap water through a filtration system.

Hidden outlet strips

If you like clean, streamlined aesthetics and dislike seeing exposed electricity sockets scattered throughout your kitchen, then this is one of the kitchen must-haves for you. Install power strips underneath cabinets to hide them from view. This will also minimise the presence of appliance wires and dangling cords.

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