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May 31, 2019

Is Holiday Planning Becoming Too Stressful To Handle?

Is Holiday Planning Becoming Too Stressful To Handle?

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Family holidays are the highlights of childhood memories, but jetting off with small children in tow can add stress to your well-earned break—particularly if the destination doesn’t meet your family’s needs

Adapting your getaway priorities from soaking up the sun to locating the nearest playground—all while desperately trying to find something that your little one is willing to eat—can be stressful. While some operators are quick to use the term ‘family friendly’, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the facility has undergone the correct checks or meets your personal requirements as a parent. Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect child-friendly holiday destination.

All Aboard 

When travelling with children, there are many things to consider—like where in the world you’re actually going. As much as you may love the beach, scorching sands aren’t ideal for small children who dehydrate quicker than adults and need more protection from the sun. 

Your little one is also likely to resent a long-haul flight, so consider beginning with a less ambitious, low-stress journey when your child is younger. If you do decide to go somewhere hot, ensure that your party is confident about sun protection measures and heatstroke prevention. 

Accommodation Is Key

Now that you’ve settled on a location, you’ll need to think about the most suitable accommodation for your family. If your child is a fussy eater or is used to eating at specific times of the day, a self-catered villa may be your best option. If they need lots of stimulation, a resort can offer kids’ clubs, play equipment and family-friendly entertainment. 

Check to see if the location caters to lots of young families and don’t be afraid to ask about the child-friendly facilities on offer. For example, it may be important for you to have a travel cot, a stair-gate, or babysitting services. Activities should be age-appropriate and any pools should have physical safety barriers.

All Families Are Different

When holiday hunting, be aware that many operators are recognising the need for a more flexible family holiday. You can find specific trips intended for single parents, those travelling with grandparents, families that include children with special educational needs and disabilities, or groups with large age gaps between young members. 

This feature was originally published in the summer edition of Healthy Child with Dr Ranj Singh, which you can also read here!

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