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March 17, 2017

How to Soothe Aching Joints With Natural Ingredients

How to Soothe Aching Joints With Natural Ingredients

8.9 million adults in the UK have visited their GP in the last year for joint issues or related conditions. We talk with Robinson Young about the question of how to soothe aching joints with natural ingredients and what the most effective preventatives are for joint pain.

With the winter chill descending onto the UK, for many people winter presents opportunity for winter-sports and activities, but for those suffering from joint pain it can be harder to enjoy; especially as the cold can worsen existing aches and pains. Whether you like walking, playing with the kids, taking part in sports or simply carrying out everyday household tasks, pain can limit your ability to do the things you love.

Around 10 million people in the UK are affected by joint pain, with a massive 78% of people aged 55-77 currently living with the condition.  But it’s not just the older generation, as a reported 15,000 children and young people in the UK are affected by arthritis. It’s not just an old wive’s tale that your bones can feel it when the weather changes. Flutuations in air pressure can trigger inflammation of the joints, which for those already experiencing joint problems can mean winter weather brings more discomfort for everyday movements and activities.

Whilst you can’t stop the weather from changing, you can be ready for it—one method to soothe aching joints with natural ingredients is using muscle-relaxing gel with natural extracts, it can help to relieve the pain and  can allow you to do the things you enjoy with less aches.

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Protection and precaution

Pre-empting aches and pains before they strike can be an effective solution whilst considering how to soothe aching joints, especially when colder temperatures are approaching. But what are the main precautions that should be considered?

Lubricating and protecting joints
Two of the elements that ensure that our joints remain flexible are articular cartilage and synovial fluid. The ends of the bones are covered by a layer of cartilage that serves as a buffer against shocks; the fluid ensures that the joints are lubricated.

Nutrients are important
For optimum functioning both the articular cartilage and the synovial fluid must receive adequate nutrients. A great way to soothe aching joints naturally is to ensure you apply the skin with effective nutrients such as glycosaminglycans (GAG) contained in the original perna extract.

Maintaining mobility
Although aches and pains may leave you wanting to rest it is important to maintain mobility to ensure an intact balance between growth and breakdown of cartilage and ensure the preservation of the cartilage. Maintaining movement ensures the transportation of nutrients to the cartilage and also lubricates the joints.

Sufficient fluid
Joints and movement are mutually dependent. Only movement provides allows lively metabolic activity in the body to continue. Drinking sufficient amounts of liquid is also essential for efficient metabolism. All these factors are critical for the joints, ensuring renewal of the cartilage and fluid.

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Low-impact sports:
Being involved in low-impact sports can help to soothe aching joints naturally and have a number of benefits for general pains. Depending on the sport you are participating in, it can strengthen muscles, promote mobility and eventually relieve pain. Consider trying swimming, water aerobics, walking, dancing or yoga.

Natural gels and ointments

Natural gels are a great solution for the question of how to soothe aching joints with natural ingredients. They can be used alongside prescription medication and can help tackle joint pain and assist millions of people to move easier. Pernaton is unique as it’s the only gel on the market that boasts 100% Perna extract, which is sourced from the purest New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel using a special patented process that doesn’t use heat, chemicals or solvents. It is then freeze dried to ensure a 100% preservation of the active ingredients.

About Pernaton Gel

Distributed through Robinson Young, Pernaton Gel contains the purest Green Lipped Mussel extract; it’s specifically formulated to soothe aching joints naturally and aid joint massage for anyone suffering from general muscle and joint discomfort. It is the only massage gel on the market to contain 100 per cent Perna extract, which is removed from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel using a unique cold extraction process, which does not use heat, chemicals or solvents. The extract is then freeze-dried before being milled to produce a fine powder extract.

The Perna extract used in Pernaton is a natural source of nourishing and soothing substances that contains a high amount of Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and Omega-3 fatty acids. Other natural sources of goodness that are used in Pernaton include menthol, pine needle oil and other essential oils, which when massaged into the skin can help increase circulation around the joints and relax stiff, aching muscles. It’s also easy to use and is absorbed quickly into the skin creating an instant cooling affect. Pernaton Gel is available throughout the UK and Ireland from independent pharmacies as well as Holland & Barrett.

For further information about Pernaton Gel please visit: www.pernaton.co.uk

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