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June 10, 2019

How Can You Keep Your Dog Healthy?

How Can You Keep Your Dog Healthy?

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Looking after your dog’s health can be good for you too. We check out the top canine health tips.

Having a dog in the family can be a great source of fun and comfort, but equally, an unwell or unhappy animal can be a worry. 

If your dog seems unwell, a trip to the vet is in order, but there’s a lot you can do to maintain its health before that stage. Here are our top canine health tips:

•  Nose – A warm, dry nose isn’t necessarily a bad sign if he’s eating and drinking normally, but look for soreness, discharge or excessive scaliness

•  Eyes – Should be bright and moist. Some blackish residue is normal, but look for discharge, watering, squinting or redness

•  Ears – Look for excess wax, discharge, swelling or odour

•  Teeth and gums – Look for brown tartar build-up, redness, odour or lumps 

•  Skin – Check for irritation, flea bites, rashes, lumps and bumps

•  Nails – Check for ingrowing nails, particularly the dew claws

•  Bottom – Look for swelling or redness around the anus or glands

Regular exercise is an essential health routine for dogs, as obesity can lead to arthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. Most dogs need to be walked at least once each day, though this varies according to breed, age and fitness. Of course this is your chance to get some exercise too! Apart from bonding with your pet, walking benefits your cardiovascular fitness, blood pressure, muscle and bone health and stress levels.

Your Dog's Diet

As with the human diet, there’s currently a great interest in alternatives to over-processed, additive-laden foods, and a move towards more organic, ethically produced.

Nutritious dog foods with potato and pea instead of grain, for instance, are said to benefit coat condition, digestion, mobility, bone and joint development, the immune system and weight control—something we could all perhaps do with!

So don’t let your dog fall into your own bad habits of inactivity, poor diet and snacking on junk food—feed, exercise and examine him or her properly, and you’ll both feel the benefit.  

Fish4Dogs Food

At Fish4Dogs we’ve been making delicious and nutritious fish-based food and treats for happy, healthy dogs for over 12 years.  

We use fish in our food and treats because we believe that fish is the best protein. 

Fish not only tastes delicious, it has a strong, appealing smell that dogs love and is full of Omega 3, helping with coat and skin conditions, joint mobility, digestion and brain and eye development. 

We love to see dogs healthy and fit and our food and treats are developed with nutritionists to provide great everyday feeding and healthy, rewarding treats.  

To find out more, head to: www.fish4dogs.com 

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