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April 26, 2019

Holistic and Stem Cell Therapies Establish New Medical Solutions to Ageing

Holistic and Stem Cell Therapies Establish New Medical Solutions to Ageing

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Pioneering research into holistic programs such as metabolic therapy and stem cell treatments have created new ways of treating the main cause of premature ageing, the modern obesity endemic.

The Science Of Age Management

Ageing has always been a life’s big mystery. But today, after years of research, scientists are finding ways to slow down ageing and the treat its causes.

As a part of a global network of medical institutions, they are developing and using the most innovative medical solutions to help their patients slow down the ageing process and reduce causes of premature ageing. Their research is dedicated to reversing ageing on the cellular and molecular levels by applying the latest scientific insights to ageing processes. Total anti-age management program starts with an in-depth diagnosis, which is used to define a tailor-made treatment plan. It is followed by detoxification and a therapy program, using a holistic method of not only looking at a particular disease, but the whole body. The follow-up phase of the process lasts for more than a year with active monitoring of the patient’s condition to ensure the progress of his/her condition.

Fighting Obesity –The Modern Age Disease

Obesity is a condition of excessive and abnormal accumulation of fats.  Although obesity has long been regarded as an aesthetic problem, it is now known that it represents, first of all, a serious health problem, and is often called the disease of the modern age. Around 13% of the world’s adult population was obese in 2016.

It is defined as the result of  a slowed down metabolism that appears as a consequence of a biological clock, but also acquired lifestyle habits. However, obesity is often associated with some of the endocrine disorders.

Obesity has more consequences than physical appearance; the psychosocial complications that come following a change in our appearance, alongside the diseases caused by obesity should not be neglected.  It can lead to serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

Holistic approaches can be used to treat obesity , which relies on a program that puts the whole body in balance and makes aesthetic as well as internal changes. Holisitic methods are structured so that patients suffering from obesity receive a metabolic therapy, thereby ensuring the disorders of the metabolism are stabilized. The overall goal is regaining control over the whole body – improvement of mental state, physical appearance and sexual function. Moreover, ensuring the hormone balance and enzyme balance in the body are of key importance, which includes the improvement of circulation and blood pressure.

Different treatments are used in the fight against obesity. Metabolic therapy is used to regulate metabolic disorders, hormone balancing treatment and peptide therapy are helping to correct hormone imbalances and achieve homeostasis, systemic enzyme therapy creates enzyme balance and stimulates metabolic processes and the process is additionally helped by supplementation, physiotherapy procedures, cardio exercises and aesthetic procedures.

Stem Cells and Obesity

Treating obesity at its core is the essence of regenerative stem cell therapy that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It has created a natural way to treat obesity or prevent it by using a person’s own stem cells. Even though obesity can be treated with proper diet and exercise, not all the fats can be lost that way - some call for a change in the function of metabolism. The research has shown that over time, cell therapy can improve metabolic functions, making them more efficient and faster, and reducing the rate of weight gain.  

Adipose tissue has been looked at for a long time as energy storage, but recently it has been valued as an abundant source of mesenchymal cells. Adipose-derived stem cells are easily obtained and they are easily dinstinguishable from other cell types, including chondrocytes, myocytes, osteocytes beta-cells and neurons. 

Stem cells are the only cells in the body that can reproduce forever. A relatively small number of stem cells can reconstitute the entire repertory of blood cells, restore the immune system and repopulate the whole bone marrow. That is why, even though adipose tissue properties have not been fully understood, its potentials are currently the focus of regenerative medicine and the treatment of obesity, which has already shown good results – the injection of one’s own stem cells being a perfect alternative to tiring diets and medications for natural weight loss.


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