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May 10, 2018

Health Tourism in Greece

Health Tourism in Greece

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Greek physician Hippocrates paved the way for western medicine in ancient times, but with rising private healthcare costs in the UK driving patients to seek treatment abroad, what does Greece have to offer today?

Greece has long been a popular tourist destination—not least for its breathtaking landscape, cultural hotspots and rich heritage. But recently, the Mediterranean country has been making a name for itself in the medical tourism arena. To boost the Greek economy, medical institutions are working closely with the government to attract patients from all over the globe and its popularity is rising as a result. Patients travel to Greece for a wide range of treatments—from heart surgery and neurosurgery to cosmetic procedures—but the country is arguably most revered for its fertility treatments.

Popular treatments 

Fertility treatment

There are around 50 fertility clinics nationwide and, often, private treatments in Greece are more cost-effective than in other countries in Europe. According to invictaclinics.com, the Greek Ministry of Health inspects and controls all IVF clinics in the country to ensure that they meet the current IVF standards as outlined by the law. Egg and sperm donation is also legally anonymous in Greece, which means that people are more willing to donate. This, in turn, decreases waiting times to a minimum—a huge benefit to individuals currently on the NHS IVF treatment waiting list.

Plastic surgery 

Greece boasts a healthy portfolio of trained plastic surgeons from all over the world. The country also offers a world-class medical infrastructure in line with European quality and safety standards that takes advantage of the latest medical technology. Greece is a popular destination for patients who wish to undergo breast augmentation procedures, liposuction, facelifts and abdominoplasties. 

Orthopaedic care

Orthopaedic care is offered in Greece’s medical centres. Available procedures include hip replacement, shoulder replacement, resurfacing and prosthetics carried out by specialist orthopaedic surgeons. A number of orthopaedic surgeries reside in historic Athens, Greece’s capital.