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January 02, 2019

Flattering Lip Fillers

Flattering Lip Fillers

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

The public has been left in a state of panic as celebrities put an end to the big lip trend. Luckily, subtler cosmetic procedures for lip enhancement will never go out of style

Kylie Jenner has allegedly decided to have her famous lip fillers removed. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family, 21-year-old Kylie recently posted a more natural look on her Instagram account, informing shocked followers that she had removed her fillers. Whilst this may mean that the big lip phase is officially over, more natural enhancements have experienced a newfound popularity and demand. 

Cosmetic procedures have been on a definite rise in recent years but a pair of full, plump lips has been a sign of beauty and health in women since long before the Kardashians were born. Luckily, recent cosmetic advancements have made them more accessible than ever—without the need for dreaded invasive procedures. By choosing the right doctor and knowing what to ask for, you can enhance your lips for the perfect, plump look.

Non-surgical lip injections

Today, lip fillers commonly contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid—a natural compound that is found in the body and helps increase volume in the lips, reducing the chance of reactions. Fillers are injected into the lips to improve the shape, structure and volume. These effects typically last for around six months, so regular sittings are needed to maintain the desired results. Fillers allow for control over the volume of the lips, are reversible and generate significantly less bruising compared to other methods. In fact, this procedure has been dubbed a ‘lunchtime procedure’ with a quick and painless recovery—allowing you to show off your enhanced pout with confidence.

Surgical fat transfers

Another more natural-looking treatment; fat transfers use liposuction to move fat from other areas of the body, such as the patients’ thighs or hips. A portion of the fat augmentation will become permanent, but more than one sitting may be needed to achieve the desired result. Fat transfers can achieve subtle, aesthetic changes to the lips and make the skin appear smoother. Recovery is usually longer than with lip filler procedures. However, with fat transfers, there is no tissue reaction and less risk of extrusion. Once the swelling goes down, you’ll be left with the natural-looking lips you desire.

What to ask for 

Before jumping into the world of fillers, remember that research is key. Do you want a voluminous pout or a more rounded bow? Choose a reputable clinic—not a beauty bar—and request to see some before and after photos. Ask your doctor if your desired results are achievable and for additional information on the type of filler used, anaesthetic options, procedure and possible side effects.

The mini lip fill

A mini lip fill treatment injects a small amount of filler in the body of the lips for a subtle plump. Alternatively, a small amount of dermal filler in the corners of the mouth may be a good introduction to more committed projects. For a more voluminous lip or for larger lips, more filler may be required.

Born this way

It is recommended that patients try more temporary lip injections before committing to a fat transfer, but if the pain and price of both procedures is putting you off, you can always rely on drugstore products to help you enhance what your genes gave you.

Lip plumpers

Completely safe and reasonably priced, lip plumpers use ingredients, such as cinnamon oil, that create a slight irritation when mixed with the natural compounds in the skin. This will make the lips feel slightly tingly and swollen, giving them that coveted plumped look. 

The magic of makeup

Another gift from the Kardashians, face contouring is becoming increasingly popular, and you can achieve a similar effect on your lips. Gently exfoliate your lips regularly with a lip scrub or a toothbrush to help them reflect more light. Next, add a lip balm or plumper as a hydrating base coat, outline and fill your lips in with a pencil that is slightly darker than your lipstick and add a touch of highlight to your Cupid's bow. Dark lipsticks tend to flatten the mouth and an extra coat of gloss will give the illusion of dimension. 

Tips for the perfect natural look

  • Avoid too much filler. Gradually build up the amount of filler you insert. Starting with less is better and definitely more subtle
  • Double-check the filler that your doctor is using. Do your research and avoid inactive ingredients like stabilisers, petroleum and colours and dyes
  • Instead of trying to create an entire new set of lips, take control of the procedure and ask your doctor to enhance what you already have
  • Some people believe that heavily altering the Cupid’s bow with cosmetic surgery generates a more obviously artificial look

Removing fillers

If you decide you no longer like the look of your lips and are unwilling to wait for the effects to wear off, don’t panic. As hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, enzymes can break it down. The procedure will completely dissolve any filler but has been know to cause allergic reactions in some people