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February 05, 2019

Benefits of Dance Classes for Young Children

Benefits of Dance Classes for Young Children

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Children across the world love to dance. Parents and carers should take advantage of this enjoyment as dance is also a great way to aid your growing child’s development.

Preschool children particularly learn through physical and sensory experiences, and learning the art of dance helps them also develop a wider knowledge, skill, and understanding. The health aspects are obvious to see, but through dance, children develop enhanced physical, emotional and social development.

Physical benefits of dance

Dancing is a highly physical activity, and children that dance regularly will see significant improvements in their overall physical health. It helps children develop their strength and stamina by improving co-ordination, flexibility and range of motion throughout the whole body. Dance movement can also increase balance, co-ordination, muscle-tone and cardiovascular health.

Emotional benefits of dance

Dancing helps children become more aware of themselves and express their emotions. It begins to give them a better sense of their bodies, builds their self-esteem and confidence, and ultimately fosters a more positive attitude and exploration of their own self-expression. Dance classes are a great place where children’s thoughts, feelings and ideas can be communicated in a non-verbal way.

Social benefits of dance

Dance classes are great places to build interactions and social bonds with both adults and other children. They can also help improve social skills, teamwork, co-operation and trust. They are places where children grow up together and become friends for life.

Equally important is the bond that dance brings between parent and child. As parents, we may not always be aware that what we do with our children has a direct effect on their growth, development and abilities. By being at a dance class with your little one, you’ll get to experience first-hand the difference taking part in a group activity like this can really make.

Benefits of dance for preschoolers & toddlers

There is no right age to begin to dance—in fact if they can move, they can dance, and they are old enough. The sooner children start dancing, the sooner they start to feel the benefits. Since birth, your baby has been on the move, making sense of their world with movement, even before they learnt to walk. The key is to keep dance education fun and creative, which will aid their development from toddlers to preschoolers.

What Now?

As we move from decade to decade, there are more and more technological developments that are engaging more and more young children—and they are spending less and less time playing physically. They are losing their emotional skills to build their confidence and communicate outside their own circle of friends. Many are becoming socially isolated as they spend more time looking at screens. So, if you are looking for a way to see your child grow, whilst channelling their seemingly unwavering energy, you should consider the benefits of dance classes.

Introducing award-winning babyballet®

At babyballet, we make learning to dance an unforgettable and magical experience—for you and your little star. The successful babyballet programme, founded 12 years ago in the United Kingdom, is now also available in Australia and New Zealand. From six months to six years, our babyballet classes will give your child the chance to dance, gain confidence and shine, in a fun, caring and supportive environment.

By learning through play, our qualified and welcoming teachers give babies, tots, toddlers, preschoolers and young children the chance to dance in their own unique way, having fun and making friends along the way. For your added reassurance, all our ballet lessons are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFSF), making them the perfect activity choice for you and your child.

Our programme and syllabus have been carefully designed by leading preschool dance and ballet experts. Our classes provide the opportunity for babies and young children to learn to dance and develop key life skills in a healthy, sociable, caring and safe environment.

babyballet is so much more than just a dance class and we would love to welcome you to our magical world.

To find your nearest class, please visit: www.babyballet.co.uk