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August 31, 2018

5 Simple Ways You Can Save Money Online

Save money online with Quidco.

The internet is a wonderful thing; you can do everything from find your long lost friends on Facebook to starting up your own business. But in your day-to-day you can also use the Internet to save you money, and it’s so easy. Here are our five simple steps to saving yourself hundreds of pounds, plus we've secured a great way for readers to earn £10 cashback.

Switch, switch, switch

Loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to your bills. The best deals are always given to new customers. If you’ve been with the same provider for years it’s likely you’re overpaying. After the initial new customer deal expires you’ll usually be added onto a variable rate, which can be many times higher than what you were paying previously. Notice how your renewal quote from your car insurance is always higher?

The internet has made it easier than ever to switch everything from your utilities to broadband, car insurance and mobile phone contract. Websites have been set up specifically to help you do this very thing as quickly and easily as possible, with no disruption to your supply or service.

The likes of Go Compare, uSwitch and Confused.com all are well worth checking to see if they can save you money.

Shop around

Another thing the internet is fantastic for is choice. You’re no longer confined to what you can find on your local high street. Whether you want a new jacket or a holiday to Greece you can find anything you want right on your computer, or even your phone.

Google is always the best place to start saving money online, by clicking on their ‘Shopping’ tab you can even find multiple retailers selling the same product to find the cheapest. These searches won’t include absolutely everyone, but eBay is on there.

If you know exactly what you want to buy you can also check out sites such as Hotukdeals. Hotukdeals is a site where ordinary people post the best deals they’ve come across both online and in stores, so you can really bag a bargain.

Save money on everything you buy online

Did you know you can save money on everything you buy online? Quidco is the UK's number one cashback site and they offer cashback on virtually everything.

Quidco works by listing cashback rates available from different retailers, usually a percentage of what you spend. All you have to do is click through from Quidco before you purchase, a percentage of what you spend will then track into your account as cashback. This is the money Quidco is given for referring a sale to that retailer, instead of keeping this cash, they pass it back to their members in the form of cashback!

With over 4,500 retailers on site from big names like Debenhams, Boots, Currys and ebay you can earn a percentage off your order at virtually anywhere you shop online. The average Quidco member earns £300 every year just from one extra click every time you shop.

To get you started they’re also offering a free £10 bonus if you’re a new member and spend £10 at any of their 4,500 retailers. Sign up now.

The shopping basket trick

Have you ever clicked to buy something from a retailer and then changed your mind and not gone through with your purchase? If the item is still in your online shopping cart you might just receive some money off.

Sometimes a retailer might send a reminder email asking you to complete your order, which might include a voucher to tempt you to make that all important purchase.

If you’re feeling brave you can also try haggling with customer service. It doesn’t work with every business, but sometimes the customer service staff on live chat may give out a voucher code for a few quid off your purchase.

Do your research

If saving money online is something you really want to get your teeth into, there are lots of great resources you can take a look at. There’s websites and blogs that specialise in saving money, getting out of debt, earning money selling online, listing the best deals, pricing mistakes, the list really is endless.

One of the best places to start is Money Saving Expert and there are some fantastic money saving blogs out there like Be Clever with your Cash, Lotty Earns and Emma Drew. They’re also all on Twitter and Facebook and love to chat about all things money-saving.